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2021 Monthly Real Estate Stats

Whistler & Pemberton Real Estate Stats Here is a breakdown of the real estate market performance for last month: Past Months: Whistler Real Estate   Past Months: Pemberton Real Estate The information provided is based on data collected from The Whistler Listing System. This information is general in nature and is provided for information purposes only.

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Whistler Market Report: Quarter 3, 2021

Real Estate activity in Whistler during the third quarter of 2021 continues to be a balancing act between a high level of buyer demand, and low availability of properties to buy. Activity is still at historically high levels and remains comparable to what we experienced last quarter, although it is below what we experienced at the start of the year. …


Whistler Market Report: Quarter 1, 2021

The real estate market in Whistler during the first quarter of 2021 continued to exhibit the themes and results experienced during the second half of 2020. Historically high levels in the number of sales continued the upward pressure on values while reducing the number of listings and time on the market for those listings. Both factors meant we found ourselves …


Whistler Market Report: 2020 Year in Review

If we could use a few words to describe the Whistler real estate market in 2020 it would be that it was a roller coaster ride. Sales activity started slowly and then dropped to almost nothing in the second quarter, recovered and roared ahead to historical levels in the third and fourth quarters while slowing again in December. Overall for …

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Whistler Market Report: Quarter 3, 2020

The third quarter of 2020 saw a significant surge in activity in the Whistler marketplace with all sectors returning to pre-COVID activity levels. This activity also moved sales values higher overall and all indications are that market activity in 2020, despite all the uncertainty, will exceed the market performance of 2019. Like most recreational and small resort areas across North …


Whistler Market Report: Quarter 2, 2020

As many have already stated, the first half of 2020 was an unpredictable time. The COVID-19 shutdown of day to day activities for over 60 days created unparalleled uncertainty both economically and socially. Although an essential service, real estate activity was severely impacted due to consumer uncertainty about the future, travel restrictions, and health and safety concerns.  This uncertainty about …


Whistler Market Report: Quarter 1, 2020

The Real Estate Market Through the first quarter of 2020, the real estate market in Whistler followed trends experienced throughout southwestern BC with a strong and improving marketplace during January and February, followed by a significant slow down in March as result of a global and local shutdown of most parts of the economy and society due to the COVID-19 pandemic. …


Whistler Market Report: 2019 Year in Review

Paralleling the trends seen through BC, the real estate market in Whistler started 2019 at a slower pace; however recovering consumer confidence, high tourism numbers, and low interest rates saw the market rebound to historically normal levels through the second half of the year. So, although the number of transactions that occurred in 2019 was lower than 2018, the overall …


Whistler Market Report: Quarter 3, 2019

After a lower-than-expected second quarter of the year, the third quarter of 2019 saw a return to the levels of activity seen over the previous six quarters. After hitting a historic low number of listings two years ago, the number of properties listed has steadily increased as has the time on the market for sellers (depending on the type of …


Whistler Market Report: Quarter 2, 2019

The real estate market is a hot topic in British Columbia right now but with all that is being reported, it is important to keep in mind that “Real Estate is a local phenomenon” – and never has this statement been more true than today. Most media reports and industry press releases aggregate data from wide geographical areas, rarely do …